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Zavod Krankomplekt, OOO (Kranovyj Zavod)

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Zavod Krankomplekt, OOO (Kranovyj Zavod)

1. Systems of remote control of cranes and industrial cars:
- production of systems of radio control of any complexity;
- installation, commissioning, service;
- transfer of cranes to management from a floor.
2. Frequency and thyristor electric drive:
- development of projects and production of systems of the electric drive with frequency regulation of speed of rotation of the electric motor;
- realization of frequency and thyristor drives of an import and domestic production;
- production of industrial control system on the basis of industrial controllers VIPA, Simatic, Twido, Zelio Logic, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Modicon TSX Quantum.
3. Installations of compensation of jet power of "UKRM":
- development of projects and production of low-voltage and high-voltage installations of compensation of jet power;
- selection of UKRM accessories of the most corresponding your requirement to the price and quality;
- realization of UKRM of import production.
4. Crane electric equipment:
- crane PZKB, TSA, TSD, KS, recreation Center, P panels;
- blocks of B6, B12, BFK, NF, YaS3, YaS4 resistors;
- contactors of KT, KTP, KTPV, KPV, MK;
- REO-401 relay electromagnet;
- anemometers, crane scales, OGP;
- trailer KU, software, VU, VK, VP switches;
- magnetic washers of M42, M62.
- kabelno - conduction production (PAL, RKGM, KG, RPSh, ASB, NRShM, KPVLS).
5. Cranes and mechanical equipment:
- cranes are bridge, goat, MKG, CB, ZhDK;
- crane beam suspended and basic;
- drums, brake pulleys and wheels crane;
- crane cabins, electrorooms;
- reducers of RM, C, P, brakes of TKG, TKP, TKT;
- carts are cargo, rollers, carriages;
- hook suspension brackets, MZ gear couplings;
- traverses, captures, spreder, slings.
- metalwork of any complexity.
6. Electric equipment: Schneider Electric, Relpol, Lovato, ABB, Moeller, Wago, Lenze, Raviolli, Giovenzana, Terasaki, Socomec, Carlo Gavazzi, EAO, Wieland, Zucchini, SEL, Jean Muller, Ferraz Shawmut, Sunon, Vipa, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Etal, ASKO.
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Products And Services
Flexible tokopodvod
In stock 
10000 UAH
All ways can have bends according to the configuration of system, taking into account the minimum admissible radiuses of the bend and depth of the loop. In addition to suspension of the feeding cable, suspension brackets can be used for the set of other purposes - for suspension of cables of...
Group: Cable trolley current lead
The equipment is non-standard
In stock 
Optional equipment
Group: Equipment gas-scrubbing and dust-collecting
Linear beam with tilt for Center
In stock 
15000 UAH
Linear beam with tilt for Center
Group: Traverses
Source of uninterrupted power of a magnet of the UPS
In stock 
<h3>A source of nonstop Mealing magnet UPS</h3> <p>Uninterruptible power supply-220 IBPGT electromagnets. And are intended for backup power magnets type m, EM, EMG, DCM, DK, et al., current not exceeding permissible values (a).</p>
Group: Gripping mechanisms
Linear beam with tilt for edge
In stock 
15000 UAH
Standard linear a traverse with rise for edges demands an additional dvukhvetvevy sling for attaching on a hook of the hoisting device. It is convenient for work with loads with an unknown or asymmetrical arrangement of the center of gravity. At the expense of the design this cargo a traverse...
Group: Traverses
Inverters series PN-500
In stock 
Converters of tension of the PN-500-Zh series are intended for a power supply and management of zhelezootdelitel whose current does not exceed a legitimate value. Approximate types of the fed zhelezootdelitel: EMZh065, EMZh080, EMZh100, EMZh120, EMZh140, EMZh160, EMZhS080, EMZhS100, EMZhS120,...
Group: Voltage converters
Crane girder movable explosion-proof
In stock 
70000 UAH
The crane is one-frame basic explosion-proof, the crane a beam oprorny explosion-proof, the crane VBI beam, the crane Ex beam
Group: Crane drums
Chair panel, Control panels crane
In stock 
Chair panel, Control panels crane. Chair panels are intended for control of mechanisms of load-lifting portal, tower, bridge cranes by means of small-sized contactless controllers. Acquisition of komandokontroller of new generation will allow to equip the crane operator's cabin with a modern chair...
Group: Crane remote control
In stock 
Solid-state thyristor key is for switching compensative capacitors or, more accurately, to switch L-C paths with the predominant capacitive component (protective compensating steps). This method of reactive power regulation used for electricity, where the nature of the load is changed...
Group: Contactor
Explosion-proof crane
In stock 
70000 UAH
Bridge crane in explosion-proof execution, bridge crane VBI, the crane explosion-proof, the VBI crane, the crane double-beam explosion-proof.
Group: Caterpillar cranes
Crane beam suspended explosion-proof
In stock 
70000 UAH
Crane beam suspended explosion-proof, crane beam suspended vb, crane VBI beam, crane vba beam execution, Ex, vb.
Group: Cogged clutches
Cable reels for cranes
In stock 
0.99 UAH
Drums for cranes Drums on cranes serve for a navivka of ropes by means of which lift and lower freight. On a surface of a drum there are spiral flutes (streams) thanks to what the cargo rope when winding lays down the correct ranks. Flutes on width do a little more than diameter of a cargo rope...
Group: Hoisting equipment, drum-type


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