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Zavod Krankomplekt, OOO (Kranovyj Zavod)

About enterprise Zavod Krankomplekt, OOO (Kranovyj Zavod)

1. Systems of remote control of cranes and industrial cars:
- production of systems of radio control of any complexity;
- installation, commissioning, service;
- transfer of cranes to management from a floor.
2. Frequency and thyristor electric drive:
- development of projects and production of systems of the electric drive with frequency regulation of speed of rotation of the electric motor;
- realization of frequency and thyristor drives of an import and domestic production;
- production of industrial control system on the basis of industrial controllers VIPA, Simatic, Twido, Zelio Logic, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Modicon TSX Quantum.
3. Installations of compensation of jet power of "UKRM":
- development of projects and production of low-voltage and high-voltage installations of compensation of jet power;
- selection of UKRM accessories of the most corresponding your requirement to the price and quality;
- realization of UKRM of import production.
4. Crane electric equipment:
- crane PZKB, TSA, TSD, KS, recreation Center, P panels;
- blocks of B6, B12, BFK, NF, YaS3, YaS4 resistors;
- contactors of KT, KTP, KTPV, KPV, MK;
- REO-401 relay electromagnet;
- anemometers, crane scales, OGP;
- trailer KU, software, VU, VK, VP switches;
- magnetic washers of M42, M62.
- kabelno - conduction production (PAL, RKGM, KG, RPSh, ASB, NRShM, KPVLS).
5. Cranes and mechanical equipment:
- cranes are bridge, goat, MKG, CB, ZhDK;
- crane beam suspended and basic;
- drums, brake pulleys and wheels crane;
- crane cabins, electrorooms;
- reducers of RM, C, P, brakes of TKG, TKP, TKT;
- carts are cargo, rollers, carriages;
- hook suspension brackets, MZ gear couplings;
- traverses, captures, spreder, slings.
- metalwork of any complexity.
6. Electric equipment: Schneider Electric, Relpol, Lovato, ABB, Moeller, Wago, Lenze, Raviolli, Giovenzana, Terasaki, Socomec, Carlo Gavazzi, EAO, Wieland, Zucchini, SEL, Jean Muller, Ferraz Shawmut, Sunon, Vipa, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Etal, ASKO.
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